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EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml)

EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml)
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EasySept Hydro+ peroxide solution from Bausch + Lomb disinfects your lenses in just four hours.


  • EasySept Hydro+ solution:

    • Removes 99,9% of bacteria
    • Helps lenses to stay comfortable all day
    • Moisturizes your eyes
    • For all soft and gas permeable contact lenses.



    • Always use the enclosed special lens case and neutralising disc. Never use flat lens case.
    • Never insert EasySept Hydro+ directly into your eyes.
    • Do not place your lenses into your eyes until the neutralisation of the solution has occurred (at least 4 hours).
    • Never rinse your lenses with EasySept Hydro+ peroxide solution. If you want to rinse your lenses, use a sterile saline solution.


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