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  • Ragione sociale / Nome: eOptika Ltd
    Lepke utca 29/A., Budapest, 1026, Ungheria
    Telefono: 302222275
    E-mail: hello [at]
    Nome del negozio:
    Codice Fiscale e P.IVA: 23111572-2-42
    Partita IVA Europea: HU23111572
    Numero registro delle imprese: 01-09-953509
    Nome della persona da contattare: Peter Lakos
    Numero di telefono della persona da contattare: +36 30 2222275
    Indirizzo di email della persona da contattare: hello [at]
  • » Shipping by post (registered mail) - Zone 5
    The shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of your order.

    We ship all orders by registered mail. You can track this online to see when the expected delivery date is.

    95% of orders are shipped the same day or next day after you place your order. We keep a large inventory that makes this possible. Our warehouse is located in Budapest (Hungary) from where we send your shipment on its way to you.

    The parcel is delivered by your postman to your shipping address. If you are not at home, your postman will leave a note in your mailbox for you to pick up the package at the nearest post office. It is important that you bring valid photo identification with you, otherwise the parcel cannot be handed over to you.

    Please be aware that delays can appear in this period.
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    0,5 kg0,99 kg6,50
    1 kg1,99 kg9,00
    2 kg19,99 kg15,00
    20 kg Gratis!
  • » Pagamenti con carta
    Usa il tuo credito, di debito o carta di credito per pagare i prodotti. Si accettano le seguenti carte: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro e Mastercard. Dopo aver scelto questa opzione, si sarà trasferito ad una pagina bancario, dove i prezzi sono indicati in EUR.
    » PayPal
    Use your Paypal account (or sign up for one if you do not have one yet) to pay for products. Paypal is a secure online payment method that will confirm your payment by email and also gives you the right to request a refund from Paypal if you have doubts about the delivery of services you paid for. They accept cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express) or you can pay from your Paypal balance.
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